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The Women of Harry Potter

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The Women of Harry Potter!
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Welcome to the community for the women of Harry Potter! This is a women-positive environment to discuss and post pictures of the women involved in HP. That can mean actresses, crew, or Jo herself!

This community was created by the wonderful rainwen and all credit goes to her for the marvelous idea! She handed over the reins to me and I have been having a wonderful time posting the wonderful women of HP here.

1. Please make sure that every post relates to the women involved with Harry Potter. Kind of self-explanatory, that!
2. If you're going to post pictures, do not direct link. Upload files to your own server, such as Photobucket.
3. Please be respectful towards all. Everyone butts heads from time to time, but we can all work to avoid that happening.
4. If a photo is large or not worksafe (e.g., contains nudity), please place it under a LJ cut.
5.No advertising! - Advertising includes linking to journals/communities you have to join to see pictures - all such post will be deleted and marked as spam. Links to open communities where pictures are viewable to all are fine. If you want to advertise go to one of the 9000 advertising communities on LJ and GJ.

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